In light of all the revenue being lost by her friends and colleagues, Brooke Aston, gathered a few friends to discuss ways to support our peers in the performing arts, especially those that freelance. She came upon a social media post from three theater artists, Drew Boudreau, Lindsay Brooks, and Sharon Rose Pearlman, who decided to create a site modeled on the SXSW creation, www.Ilostmygig.com. After a brief discussion, the three of them gave the green light for their website, ilostmytheatregigs.squarespace.com, to be expanded upon but stay intact.

This website, www.ilostmyartsgig.com, is for freelancers in all facets of the performing arts who live in the state of California.

Our Goals are threefold:

  1. Provide much needed relief for freelance performing artists who are losing revenue through direct donation
  2. Produce regional fundraising events throughout California and identify a pool of recipients for those funds.
  3. Collect data to be presented to our State Government officials in order to highlight the need for relief among freelance performing artists.


  1. Why are we only catering to performing artists and not other industries?
    1. With limited resources come limitations. This is my main field of work so that is how I am focusing.
  2. Are you interested in starting similar initiatives in different fields?
    1. We are always interested in discussing ways to help. Please direct inquiries to our email ilostmyartsgig@gmail.com.
  3. Can I register if I am a performing artist who has lost income through regular employment as opposed to freelance work?
    1. Yes, however we encourage you to look into your options to receive unemployment and to only report the difference in wages lost.