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David Shafran

I've been a professional vocalist and guitarist for over 30 years, working mostly in Asia, Europe, and the UAE in a commercial setting, and have also toured frequently to entertain US and NATO forces in the Middle East, Europe, and Japan. I'm the former vocalist of the 90's-era Blues and Americana group RedHotBlues, which disbanded in 2004 after a decade of touring in the US and overseas and 4 album releases on the Bluesong Records label. In 2020 I had 75 shows booked in China that got cancelled, and the resulting loss of income rendered me homeless for the first time at age 53. I have been beaten and robbed several times since then, and have endured unspeakable suffering, but have managed to fight my way back indoors temporarily. I'm now facing the horrific reality that I may be forced back outside again because I've been unable to put together enough money for January rent (I'm living in a closet-sized windowless room near USC that costs $1000 per month.) I'm losing hope. This is not how I imagined my later career would be. I need help. I don't have any immediate family and my friends are all artists and musicians that are in a similar situation and therefore are unable to help.


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Residency for 75 consecutive performances in a 90-day period in 3 different venues owned by a hotel franchise in Beijing, @ $120US per show Live Music Singer Freelance $9,000.00