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Sarah Opstad Demmon

I am a wig and makeup designer based out of Denver, Colorado but travel often for work in other states like CA. Last June I built and designed Long Beach Ballets, Cinderella and travel to both Omaha, NE and many mountain towns like Central City and Steamboat Springs for Summer Opera Programs. I graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 2002 and have been working as a wig and makeup designer ever since. I lost my first gig on Final Dress rehearsal of Marriage of Figaro at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I got a call after arriving in the parking lot that we would have dress rehearsal and then I would have to strike everything: all wigs, makeup, supplies and pack up that night, my students were devastated. Then the news that they had to cancel Beatrice and Benedict the next Opera in April. New soon came that Opera Colorado would have to cancel Tosca my next show in April. A loss of $7,850.00 in Design fees alone not including extensive supplies, wig rental and time building wigs for these shows. We were in negotiations for the Long Beach Operas, Frida at the museum this summer and possibly running the Wig department for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. My summer program is most likely to cancel so I have no work for the foreseeable future. Even my side hustle of teaching Zumba has been canceled. Recreation centers & gyms have closed until April 30th so no classes for me. I am hoping our county can get a handle on this thing and return to putting on shows but what do I do until then?
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Los Angeles County


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Total Revenue Lost:


University of Colorado, Boulder Theater/Opera Production Staff Freelance $4,000.00
Opera Colorado Theater/Opera Production Staff Freelance $3,850.00