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Andrew Pereira

I am a full-time freelance saxophonist and private woodwind instructor based in NYC. As I'm sure is the case for countless artists, this pandemic hit right at the start of my "busy" season. In addition to the supplemental income I would normally be receiving from jazz gigs and creative projects, I have lost at least a dozen private events gigs between now and the fall, as well as the arranging work that would have accompanied them. I have been able to retain a handful of private students online, but these are at a reduced rate and currently not nearly enough to cover my expenses in New York!
Live Music
Other Fields: Event Entertainment
Kings County


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Total Revenue Lost:


Wedding/Corporate/Private Event Performances Event Entertainment Musician Freelance $5,000.00
Jazz Gigs/Creative Projects/Recording Sessions Live Music Musician Freelance $500.00
Private In-Home Teaching Live Music Musician Freelance $450.00