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Beckie Euson

I am a private music teacher, freelance musician, coach for brass at two high schools and an elementary school general music teacher. This week, all my gigs were canceled until May. My jobs are all freelance and although I thought my lessons would continue via the internet, even that is too much for people who are going through financial issues as well. I don't know where to turn so I thought this would be a good start since a lot of financial support for musicians is gone or put on hold due to the huge amount of musicians who are affected by this virus canceling our work. Thank you for taking the time and helping in any way you can.
Live Music
Other Fields: Teaching
Los Angeles County


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Total Revenue Lost:


French horn Live Music Performer Freelance $1,200.00
Coaching at High Schools Teaching Brass Coach Freelance $400.00
Private Music Teacher Teaching Teacher Freelance $2,400.00