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Jim Manzo

THE BEGINNING OF OUR STORY STARTS HERE Graveyard and Eerie forest sets the beginning as the thunder n rain falls the Bells ring in the distance... The story centers around the High Priestess of the Dead. Accompanied by her Skull Demon Guards performing a ritual of summoning gone awry. With Ne'Fairyous' Sabbatha's familiar and mischief maker. Booking an Event? We are the concept/tribute Performing our story with music of Black Sabbath in the Los Angeles area. We created a story that is inspired by the greatest Hard n Heavy rock band. We are now expanding the show to theatrical stages and looking to take the Show on the Road. We have created a fascinating show of Good vs Evil set in a eerie haunting forest setting Always Something Going On With her transformations of different characters, Black Sabbatha is Keeping the Audiences in suspense and excited to see what Sabbatha will do next. Audiences Cheer and Sing along to the hits we all grew up with from the greatest heaviest Band that set the mark of ROCK n Roll, "Black Sabbath"
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Peties Place, Garden AMP, Whiskey aGoGo, WisDomeLA Live Music Band Freelance $2,000.00