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Cody Morgan

Hey! My name is Cody Morgan and I am an independent music teacher, musician, and performer. I make my living with music and depend upon entertainment for my livelihood. I am determined to not let COVID-19 bring us down! However, being that I am primarily reliant upon bringing music to others through a live setting, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to continue living in my apartment after April. Despite that though, I am attempting to be as creative as I can be in working with others to find new ways of income through digital music creation & platforms. Thank you for putting this site together - and for other artists in my position, please feel free to contact me! My skills include but are not limited to music production/ediitng, audio mixing, voice lessons, videography & editing services, voice lessons, and audio/video demos.
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Wedding Performances during March Live Music Performer Freelance $4,500.00